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16 July 2010 @ 06:42 pm
Bus driver claims abortion views led to his firing.

Woman wants to take bus to Planned Parenthood. Bus driver refuses, on the grounds that OMG BORTIUNZ! Bus driver is fired. Bus driver then claims religious discrimination.

I'm not going to get too upset until this isn't laughed out of court. In the meantime... this is where all those fucking conscience clauses for pharmacists inevitably lead. For fuck's sake. I think what pisses me off is the moral cowardice of people who are simultaneously claiming to be great moral martyrs. If something is really that big a deal to you, you should be willing to lose your job over it. The real heroes get arrested, get beaten by cops, get death threats, because they're willing to stand up for what's right and damn the consequences. It reminds me of something a college professor once said, about the difference between civil disobedience and criminal behavior - if your goal is to change the system, you take the consequences and use them to further your cause. If your plan is to get away with it, you're just breaking the law for your own advantage. There are people who will proudly resign rather than do a job that they think is unethical. This guy is just a jerk.

(Comments on the article are not as rage-inducing as I would have feared. There are plenty of people pointing out that a) PP offers lots of non-abortion-related services and b) you don't get to not do your job and then complain that you got fired.)
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