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06 June 2011 @ 03:33 pm
The mothers for "life" are a group of mothers who meet at the local plunket. They picket abortion seekers at the hospital, using their babies instead of placards. They dress these kids in hand-printed tops with slogans like "I am a child, not a choice!". I posted awhile ago to my journal saying that whilst I found their actions disgusting, I supported their right to freedom of expression. But now they are pissing me off so much that I think they should be banned.

The other day, they tried to persuade my friend (who has a seven month old baby) to join them. "You're baby was a fetus seven months ago," the president told her. "And would you kill her? The only difference between our babies and theirs is that ours are older. Join us and save the babies.
Then this same woman emailed me saying "Thank you for supporting our cause. Here is some more information about us, and please sign our members bill to ban under 16-year-olds from getting an abortion without their parent's consent
Current Location: New Zealand
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