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"The Abortion Pill Could Prevent Cancer"

I got my copy of Time magazine last night and was happily surprised to find this blurb in it (ironically underneath a thing about the Pope).

"It may seem odd to call RU 486 - the prescription-only abortion pill - pro-life, but it may be just that when it comes to cancer. Researchers at the University of California at Irvine reported last week that mifepristone, the active chemical in RU 486, can help thwart the growth of mammary tumors in mice caused by the mutant gene BRCA-1. More than half of women with this gene will develop breast or ovarian cancer by age 70.

In women with BRCA-1, the naturally ocurring female hormone progesterone speeds the proliferation of mammary cells. 'If we block the progesterone pathway using an antiprogesterone, it could prevent breast cancer,' says Eva Lee, lead author of the study. That's exactly what mifepristone did for the experiment's mice, all of which had the BRAC-1 gene...

If reproducible in humans, the results of the study could pave the way toward preventing these cancers in women who have genetic predispositions..."

From the December 11, 2006 issue of Time. (Any typos are my own)

I just found this interesting for two reasons:

1. Two people close to me have suffered from breast cancer, and one from ovarian cancer

2. There is a myth out there that having can cause breast cancer.

(X-posted to pro-choice LJ communities and my own journal, and edited to fix a title error.)

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