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LiveJournal For Choice

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Welcome to LiveJournal for Choice!

"Reproductive rights are human rights. Whether and when to have children is probably the most fundamental civil and human right that any of us have." - Gloria Feldt

LiveJournal For Choice exists as a collective to share information, educate, support, and take action to protect a woman's right to choose.

The moderators of this community exercise their right to ban users who troll, name call, threaten, or otherwise flame in any way. (But we don't want to, so please don't make us.)

Community Guidelines
1. This is not a forum for debating the morality of abortion. Please take debates to abortiondebate.
2. Don't be rude. Please treat other members with respect, even if you don't respect them.
3. No discussion of other, "pro-life" communities on LiveJournal. Drama is foolish and gets us nowhere. This community is intended to be used as a news source for pro-choice issues, not as a place to discuss the debate you are having in another community.
4. If you want to promote your new community, e-mail us and we will add it to the user info section with the other communities.
5. Please keep on topic as much as possible. We welcome posts covering all areas of reproductive rights and health, including abortion, birth control, emergency contraception, sterilization, and the rights of pregnant women.
6. If your post is very long, please put it behind a cut.

ljforchoice is currently maintained by muliebrity and noabsolutes. It was created by wynken and grrlyparts. Please do not hesitate to e-mail your maintainers with any questions or concerns you may have!

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